Monday, May 17, 2004

Sex-Racism: Violence against Men

It is an undisputable fact, that women are treated worse than anything in many developing countries such as Sudan. But it is not very commonly known that boys and men are even as often victims as women. In Sudan, for example, there is more violence against men than women, resulting in a domination of women (60%) in the population of Sudan.
This is just one example for the hidden violence on men and the cover up and censoring of this very violence.

Amnesty International, an alleged non-goverment organization for the protection of human rights, is forwarding public relation campaigns against violence against women, but is silent in respect to violence against men.

Now, human rights watches in the United States and Europe are repsonding to these discriminations and call for more active support of more publicity in regard to this disgrace of human rights.

Another aspect in this battle for equality is our school-system. While our government supports and subsides the advance of women into science and focus on "equalizing" girl's interest in school and their "closing-in" on the patriachalic world, they leave boys alone. Statistics show that the average boy is one grade below the average girl, which indicates that either the school system is wrong, or the politicians have forgotten about boys (and unnaturally subsided females).
Is this just?

Of course, it is not. We may not make a difference between boys and girls, thus the government should not support either girls or boys explicit, but only scientifically interested kids, which means the gender is of no importance.

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