Thursday, May 20, 2004

Republican's in Hollywood

Most time, you have to search them with a Magnifier, because there just about.. well, 5? I'd have to guess for it. But at least, one new famous person joined the club of mindless Republicans with a rather stupid argument, showing the intellectual leak of todays 'Elite'.

Lara Flynn Boyle said to the Washington Post: "I'm Irish Catholic, so a Democrat by blood."

There is nothing wrong with that, since most Irish Catholic vote for Democrats, however, you can't just say that Irish Catholic is somehow a magical addiction to the Democrats (too much simplification).
But then, she revealed the reason, why she won't vote for Bush: "I'm 100% for Bush. I want my President to be like my agent: Not afraid of People, but wants my best interest!"

So, what does it mean? She thinks of Mr. Bush as her agent, that is acting in her interest and is not afraid of the people. However, despite his speeches, Mr. Bush's policy looks like his only fighting for and with himself, trying to live up to his idol, Bush Senior.
On the second part, you can easily tell that Mr. Bush is in fact afraid of the people in any circumstances. Why else would he tell so many lies about WMD, Economics and so on? It's a thin line between truth and lie, but he has clearly stepped over it multiple times.

Also, this sentence shows Mrs. Boyle in a rather shady light, seeing that she by this sentence, voted for the War of Lies on IRAQ and also is against gay marriage, among other anti-liberal stands.
Surely, this is a sign of intellectual bankruptcy and discovering the true malfactors of the American society.

Mrs. Doyle think or abstain from speak, you are just getting everything wrong. That's at least my advice for you.

Many more interesting things here: Washington Post article


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