Monday, May 24, 2004

I always thought so..

look at this (German): Quo VadISS - The failure of constructing an International Space Station

It was planned, by government funds, to be the Space Station to support future space exploration. Now, after years of continuously wasting tax-payers dollars/euro, we are farther away from the goal than ever before. Of course, they blame the USA and their new Space Defense programs for the failure, instead of the true reason: Government spending is not working, because there is no urge to compete. The project, which was initiated 1983 by Ronald Reagon, was estimated to cost around 100 billion dollars and even Germany is pouring 100 millions into the project each year.

Now, with the fall of the space shuttles February last year, they put a stop to the whole project and hopefully they bury it, until they get some private company to run the thing.


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