Saturday, May 22, 2004

The On-going War on People

Beside Bigamy, Gay Marriage and Incest, there is another important war on People going on in the United States. It is the war on the poor soldiers, which proudly (at least most of them) served at home and in Iraq.

Today a member of the National Guard (Florida)was found guilty of Desertion.

It is one of the first trials on Soldiers in Iraq, however, this trial is only loosely connected with the tortures and killings at Abu G. prison. Indeed the full case is about leaving service during war without permission.
It didn't speak in favour of Mr. Mejia, that he turned himself in. He still got 1 year jail and a bad conduct discharge. Both of these sentences will most likely affect his life after the military service seriously. For example, every future employer he will apply to will see his military files and most likely deny him any position.

The reasons for Mr. Mejia's absence were, so he called, motivated by protest against the war. He wanted to get the status of a conscientious objector and thus set a signal. However, the jury, consisting of 4 officers and 4 enlisted soldiers, decided after 2 hour that this was not the case.

In favour of Mr. Mejia also speaks that he, as citizen of Nicaragua, may not serve more than 8 years, however, he already was enlisted for 9 years. He also said that he didn't protest against the war itself, but the political errors commited in and before the war. He said, he acted in behalf of his fellow soldiers and in respect to his belief.

In my opinion, he was right and someone else should get a year detention for his stupid thoughts: Right, Mr. Bush, it's you.


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