Monday, May 17, 2004

Sarin Gas Explosion - WMD found in IRAQ

Or at least so it could be called. Yes, of course, the Sarin Gas is a WMD asset, but first of all this bomb has exploded after the war. We have seen multiple times, that Saddam has rejected the use of chem./bio. weaponery against Coalition forces. This might be out of fear, but even if it was out of fear, then there was no reason to go to war, because no danger was imminent.

Also, this news is vastly overrated, since the bomb only injured two soldiers and was smaller than everything Saddam could have put up. Also, Sarin gas could be easily acquired by rogue elements like the Al-Quaida and this group of terrorists started major engagements in Iraq, AFTER THE FALL OF SADDAM!

We, hereby, can deduce that Saddam almost prevented WMD attacks and that the war did not lessen the danger of terrorist attacks, but even increased it.

So, here the call of the Sarin gas: It cries for peace and for dignity. So, President Bush, take it like a man and apologize for your mistakes. The first step would be to leave Iraq to an elected government, obviously it can't get any worse without you.


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