Thursday, June 09, 2005

Climate Change and the Consequences

One could say that, despite the contrary evidence, global warming and man-made Climate Change occurs. Just look at science goof from this site:

It's the standard theoretic gibberish that works in closed system examinations. They over-simplify the occurances in the atmosphere. It is right that maybe certain C-isotopes are predominant and that they may come from human action. However, we don't know enough about the different secondary reactions that could transform those Carbon elements.
For example, the forests in Germany are in their best shape since 300 years and plants are amongst the prime transformers of CO2 to O2. They need CO2 to thrive and grow as much as they need sunlight and water.
So, the predictions this website states are on their own correct, but they leave aside many secondary and other reactions that have an effect on the atmosphere or the CO2 level, not to mention that the consequences are not determined by these observations.

Even if all this data can be viewed sceptical, there is one thing that no climate scientist disputes: There is a global climate change on earth. This has been for thousands of years under way and it will happen thousands of years in the future. The earth is always changing and climate is nothing like a constant or a static system.

So, what are our options, if those alarmists are right about man-made climate change? If we believe the reports, we have produced 200% of the green house gases of the pre-industrial era. So, to reverse the effect and stop global warming, we would have to dismantle our industry and go back to the woods. This would mean the end of any techonolgy, any wealth and comfort we have come to via science and progress.
And if they are wrong and the climate change is coming, even if not man-made, at least we have the wealth, technology and ressources to deal with it by man's mind.
So, what would you choose? Tribal hope by religious belief deep in the jungle and woods, or survival by man's brilliant mind and techonologies?

I have chosen for me, have you?