Thursday, July 22, 2004

Music for the aspiring Men

I didn't think I would post lyrics here. But I had run over this song by Hooverphonic and it is, the tunes aside, one hell of a song.

Inhale the joy
Inhale the fun
Now it’s time for me to get on top
Of the world

Inhale the music and the warmth
The crowd is ready to bring me to the top
Of the world


Cause the world is mine
I won’t stop this time
Cause the world is mine
And I’m feeling so divine

I’m part of this illusive show
Time for me to get on stage
Lights fade

Tomorrow you’ll be at my feet
Saturated senses set me free
It’s all I need

The world the world is mine
And I’m feeling so divine

Despite being sung from a musicians point of view, it has some major values in it.
The rhythm and melodie drive the whole track and give it the serene and hymnical ambiente. The text itself depicts an individuum free to persue its own interest to joy and happiness.
It shows in the first lines that the individum is in need of joy and fun. It wants to inhale it, because she/he missed something in his life.
"Now, it's time to get on top", shows that something has ended and the person is ready to take his own life in his hands and rise to live it. More so, it seems that she sees himself with what she got (a good show and a fullfilling career as musician) as divine. Therefore Hooverphonic describes humans that persue their own interest as Gods, as divine creatures.
It's the feeling you get as a reward for being independent and selfish.

All in all, this song has a positive vibe about mankind and more so about the individuum and its liberty to do what it wants.

There is only one thing to say: "The World is Mine and I don't stop this time!"