Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Europe and the USA are close than you thought!

If you ever believed there is a big gap between Europe and US politics, than you are completely mistaken.
Just read this little piece by Chris Matthew Sciabarra:

Kush and Berry

It clearly shows the similarity in acting, ideology and reasoning between the two opponents in the forthcoming election in Novemeber. But this is not only a problem of the United States, Europe and in particular Germany, are facing the same merging of perspectives. Instead the whole election is based around the personalities and not the program of the both competitors.
Would anyone dare to read the programs of socialist and conservative party (SPD and CDU) and then compare it with the program of the FDP (the liberals), they see that it has been copied from the FDP principal program and they would think that the FDP would exactly support the point of view they all advocated. But people don't read the stuff behind the obvious, instead they believe the few radio talkshows or the politic propaganda events like Sabine Christiansen.

So, we are facing the same problem as the US, a generalization of the election and the opponents. They are expandable by each other without a significant change in politics.

Most horrible is that many people don't even try to know anything about the party they vote. There is no other explanation, why a party like the Greens could get 11% votes for showing a program that is a simplified version of the communist parties credo...

Cherio, Germany.. We are better Americans than we thought.


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