Monday, June 28, 2004

It's been a while...

I have been absent due to some private issues, but I hope to put forth some more small essays in the next days before my vacation starts.

There is one particular topic, I'd like to cover, because I think it rather interesting and important. Many Liberals in the United States of America talk about a so-called "War on Drugs", drawing a colorful picture of the evils inherent in state police work. They want a more liberal and free evaluation of drugs and thereby a free access and the right to spread drugs.

I have to concur, because I live next to a country that promotes this very ideas. The result is pain-staking to say the least. Children who have no idea about drugs, get hold of ecstasy/heroin and coca even in the seventh grade. This is a time in school, you can't hope that those students (all of them kids of about 11-12) all have the brains to distinguish the danger.
A rise in alcoholism, drug consume and "socialising" of Cannabis are the end product. You can't compare this new "Super Skunk" to the relatively harmless products during the 60s. The Hippie Cannabis had only 2 % THC, the actual neurotoxic, while the new ones have up to 10 %.
This and the increasing in drug caused problems in mental hospitals have led to a disblief regarding the Netherlandish "liberal" approach to drugs.

Albeit I am also opposing the Swedish "hard-core" state regulatorism, because it doesn't serve anything. Instead this way only shifts the problem from the illegal to the legal drugs like pills, amphetamins, morphium, alcohol and smoking.
And even in this "War on Drug"-countries the amount of drug-users is rising and it is doing no good.

I don't have a solution to the whole problem, but I can say that liberalizing of drug access will not make it better, only faster.


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