Sunday, May 23, 2004

There is justice in this world

...At least in small amounts.
Look at this hillarious article (German):
Bush fell off his bike

Beside all the sad news lately, like the torturings, false accusations and political ignorance, there is this little funny part. It cheers up and sometimes, you just need such a little joke.
Read and enjoy, for there is at least justice in the small things.

For all those that are not German-speaking:
It is about a bicycle tour, George W. Bush was on, when he fell off his bike. The mightiest "emperor" of the world fell off a simple bicycle, that's the funny irony. This is the second prominent bicycle accident of the last months. The would-be president Kerry also fell off his bike and now commented on Bush's accident: "I didn't even know that he had a bike!"

Well, you may not be a Green to ride a bicycle, he! This is one of the prejudices against Conservatives, that you think they do not enjoy nature. We do, but we still are not obsessed by it.


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