Sunday, May 23, 2004

Germany wants a Monarchy

Sometimes, I am deeply dissatisfied with this country. A century ago, we have been a Monarchy, but people seem to forget bad things faster than they learn new things.
It is a disgrace, that in a vote on teletext, whether Germany should have a Monarchy, 63% voted for YES.

This is tragic because of two different issues. First, they obviously cannot tell the difference between a constitutional Monarchy (as in Britain f.e.) and a true absolute Monarchy (as it is nowhere nowadays). This first issue is a problem of education and knowledge and shows the deep ignorance of people to their environment and society.
The Second issue is that they obviously wouldn't object to a new Monarchy, in a Willhelminian style.
Why did we get human rights, when only two generations later, people would volunatrily work for their destruction?

Perhaps, I overread it, but on the other side, it is a perfect example on "doublespeak" and political language. Since 63% the population think that Monarchy is equal to this new fancy 'Spanish-Norwegian'-Marriage things.

This is a fair example, why Democracy, as well meant as it is, does not work the way it is intended, too.

I'm disgusted of 63% of these voters, they obviously didn't think about what they voted for...


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