Sunday, May 23, 2004

Israel on the brink of facism

Today, the Israeli Minister of Justice, Josef Lapid, member of the bourgeoise-secular party, said that the current Operation Rainbow in the Gaza Stripe is a disgrace to the Jewish people and the impressions from the "field of engagement" remind him of the Holocaust.

This is an extraordinary conclusion, since the Holocaust has never been mentioned within the Israelian politics for almost as long as Israel exists. The whole issue of Holocaust was a tabu and strictly obeyed by every member of the Israel government. Lapid critizes the military Operation as unhuman and unjewish. He further claims that this action will further damage the reputation of Israel as a democracy and a nation built upon human rights. He fears a huge decrease in foreign relations, especially to Europe, and in specific Germany, and the Middle East Arab community.

Of course, the right-winged Likud party was angry about this comparison, which is only about pouring oil into the fire. Although I have to say that the comparison is a bit far fetched, the circumstances are increasingly similar. We have an oppressive regime that tries to erradicate a different nation by means of national security. This is in part a description of fascism, since the Jews also play the "we-have-been-prosecuted-since" card and the issue of Antisemitism. The question is, who is antisemitic?
If Israel persued his own roots, they would find that their Palestinian neighbours are Semits like them, genetically spoken.

Obviously not even Sharon can handle situation, because there is a deep rift between him and his party. While he is inclined to decrease and abandon settlements on Palestine territory, the Likud party has refused this strategy in a referendum. Isn't it the worst sign, when the father of the national settlement movement (who had started the whole plans after taking over the Administration) himself decides to stop it!

Reason obviously has left this neo-fascist state that is run by an Administration that has no power over the legislation.

My hopes go with the people, that try to put an end to this war of the state.


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