Monday, May 24, 2004

So more people think like me

I have recently compared the United States and Europe to George Orwell's book, 1984 and said that the news is more and more about "newspeak". Well, finally, other people in the media have taken it up.
You just need to watch the latest Episode of Simpsons (Serie 15, Episode 21).

This episode is about Patriotism and the oversized nationalism, that has brought so much despair on many liberal people. It is about Bart, the son of the Simpson family, showing his ass in front of the US flag (he couldn't know the flag got unfolded for the anthem, cause he was deaf at the moment). This incident gets exaggerated by the local newspapers and the Simpsons known as unpatriotic. They had to live a life as outlaws, until Lisa mentions the principles of free speech as written in the Consitution's Bill of Rights. This only gets them in bigger trouble, ending up in the Regan Reeducation Facility for political free-thinkers. This all reminds me of the US after 9/11 and more so of 1984, where liberal thinkers (against the party) were either brain-washed or vaporized.

It seems that even the mainstream media has got a hang on the dangers of too much patriotism. Let's hope it influences the climate in the US. Sadly, there is nothing comparable to it for Europe...


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