Wednesday, May 26, 2004

When languages come from ghettos...

As I have recently read, there is the theory of imposing ebonics on children in classrooms. So, instead of teaching them proper English, they would learn to write their slang-english, because it would then become a real language, beside standard-english.
Ebonics is an equivalent to Cockney in London. It is a language designed to represent the "lower-class" slang in a written form. (A perfect example is Rita in Educating Rita)

Now, this reminds me of the German socialist teachings in the mid-80s, when they tried to teach immigrants an easier version of German.
Later, this changed to no-German teaching at all and resulted in the slang "turkisch-Deutsch", which means a slang mostly seen being spoken by children of turkish immigrants.
They never learned to speak German correctly and at home, they only spoke turkish. In the end, most of these children of immigrants had no chance to attend a normal school. And soon teachers had to work with these new grammatics and language structures. Today, the teachers in some immigrant regions (like Frankfurt am Main, Berlin or Hamburg) have to deal with the remains of this stupid immigrant handling. They not even had to attend to VHS-courses (Volkshochschul-courses), but could obtain a German passport without any requirements.
Now, some freaks could think about adopting an ebonic-way in Germany. It'd scare me to death, but it is very likely to happen with today's no-value politics.


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