Thursday, May 20, 2004

Big Brother Is Watching You!

It'd been a long time, since I read Georg Orwell's "1984" the last time, but the recent events and the overall change from a self-possession of mind to a government-media mind-controlled society brought me back to this particular book, that shows so extraordinary detailed the Danger of Facism and Totalitarianism.

The art of playing with language and most of all the dangerous distortion of the actual meaning of a word is becoming more and more familiar not only in the military ( (German article) Empire of Fear, but also among politicians. This is no new trend, because most politicians in history used language to their benefit until the most recent climax of this misuse brought World War II. Goebbels, the chief of the Propaganda Agency of the NAZI regime, had been the one of the alleged best rhetorics of all times.

Now, George Orwell's book deals with an artificial language that tries to redefine the meaning of many words and introduces new ones that have utterly distorted meanings. This language is called newspeak and reflects the actual trend to a specific news language that plays with the meaning of words like Patriotism. They often don't even look up the word in the dictonary and use it in context where it does not belong.

So watch out, for newspeak is spoken in news.


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