Sunday, April 18, 2004

Socialists keep their oath and diminish hope

Sometimes it is good to hold to your promises, but on other occasions, you should review your promises on wether they are still reasonable or not.

This is the problem of the Spanish socialists, which won the election because of their Anti-war stand in regard to the invasion in Iraq. To win the elections after the Madrid bombing, they pronounced their believe that the Iraq War was a mistake and that they would call all troops home if they won the election.
Sadly, the Socialists won the election and Mr. Zapatero is dead set to recall the troops. Today, he gave the orders to reallocate Spanish troops from Iraq to Spain.
However, this consequent interpretation of their electoral promises hits into a period, where it fits most unfortunate.
Not only that it will most notably suit El Kaida and their system of blackmailing and threatening, it also comes at a time, when the United States of America need all resources available.
Since the recent uprisings within post-Saddam Iraq and the kidnapping of civil and military personel everywhere in Iraq stressed the US-led Coalition forces resources to its limits, every loss of support might affect the security and (what is left of it) stability within Iraq. Worse, it could also inspire or move other governments to do likewise. For example, the population within Poland might influence the government to remove their troops and support from Iraq, since most of the population is against war.
So, the Spanish consequent realisation of their electoral promises might, in the end, ignite the armed conflicts rather than serving peace.
To back down now, might be seen as an example to other countries and display defeat in the most unfortunate way.
The teaching that might come from this example are mainly those:

- Other "institutions" or "groups" might see it as a chance that by threatening countries, they can force them to do what they want

- It will give a negative example to all nations in the world that nation-building and western democracies in general is impossible, because of the virtuelessness and weakness of those governments.

So, in this situation, the Spanish government should review their own principles, goals and how to reach them in the long-term. Right now, they act short-sighted and might damage more than they gain in the end.


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