Tuesday, April 13, 2004

To the Attention of Government-Haters

Sometimes I think you might be right, that a government is more trouble than its worth and I can easily prove it with the newest incident in my hometown.

It has always been a difficult situation to drive by car in my neighbourhood, because speed limits and narrow streets are the consequences of German "Safety-fanatic" legislators. But the latest incidents were beyond imagination. They thought that another round of lowering speed limits could ill-effect their campaign for re-election, thus they turned to more pervasive methods.
Instead of declaring a formal speed limit, they introduced beacons to the car-driving community and narrowed the streets at several segments. But again the safety-crazyness was conducted without forethought and proved to generate more confusing than safety.
The strategic planners from the legislative chamber did not include busses, trucks, coaches and other big vehicles in their "safety-first" campaign and created a monumental distortion in the public traffic system.
In an cry of outrage, individuals collected votes against these newest government harassment and finally succeeded.

Perhaps this was only possible, because of the proximity to the next elections, but It is worth it. However, I fear that the legislator have already prepared the newest punch against reason by talking about decreasing of right of way thoughtout the town.

It wouldn't be that bad,if it really supported and forwarded security on our streets, but it does not. In the end, this is just a fanatics crusade by the local administration to gain a few votes from families and conservative persons. It's a play constructed to rip hearts and appeal to emotions rather than intelligence.

Sad, but true, this is the only way to get elected these days.

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