Thursday, April 15, 2004

Never bargain with the enemy

If you have followed news lately, you may already heared of the newest step by the El Kaida. This time, the assumed Mr. Bin Laden has pulled the righteous thread to weaken the western Alliance against terrorism.
Instead of openly agitate aggression and call to arms against the western world, the El Kaida wants to bargain with those worlds which are supposedly not part of the War against Islam states.
However, the El Kaida is underestimating the western Democracies or at least trying to play on time if it truly believes that such an offer will be heared and positively answered.
Perhaps, they don't know what they demand of a western country, but most likely they know what it would mean to any nation.

The El Kaida clearly wanted to seperate the United States of America and its powerful European allies. Although Germany, France and others were not part in the Iraq war, they still supported the "War against Terrorism" in Afghanistan, thus taking part in the campaign against racist and aggressive Islamism. The El Kaida now tries to split this alliance by sending a message of peace to the pacifist countries in the heart of Europe. This offer, directed to Germany and France, must not be answered, because it would damage the relationship with the United States and all the western Democracies, that are closer in terms of values and culture than any Islam country.

Still, the El Kaida hopes that some European countries might take this offer, or at least be silent for a period. This would settle doubt in their partners across the ocean and thereby weaken the whole alliance. It's the very notion that had Great Britain and Italy respond so very quickly. They wanted to be sure not to be misunderstood. Despite their differences about the Iraq war, none of these nations will quit the pact with the United States of America.

A few hours ago even the German chancellor reassured Germanies backing of the international war against terror and thereby closed a gap which could have been a river growing to an ocean in the trans-atlantic partnership. Sometimes it is as important to stand for what you believe in, as it is to oppose what you are against.

A good link (in German):
An unholy offer

I also recommend for all German speaking folks:
Danger of Islamism from the viewpoint of a Moslem

I knew I couldn't trust all those Egalitarian German pacifist, who always denied any danger coming from uncontrolled teachings of the Koran. In this statement, a Moslem shows that we should take those fanatics seriously, because the Islam is in contrast to the Christians not a peaceful nor a human rights movement. It is even more comparable to the Christianity of the medieval times, when Crusades took place and Jews were discriminated.
We have a belief-system that has not yet undergone the transformation of the age of enlightment and it is dripping on a population that could not master the division of state and religion.
The danger of those two components is imminent and the third reich has shown us that believing is a strong tool in the hands of the wrong leader.


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