Tuesday, April 13, 2004

If you are able to read German, than this might be news with a wicked twist:

Nothing is impossible (in German)

For all those, who are not able to read German, I will give you a brief summary.

An engineer from Great Britain has a daughter that is confined to a wheel-chair and couldn't speak. At a state hospital, the doctors didn't give the kid a slightest chance to be a normal person. But as Peter Randell isn't a person that accepts a no, he searched for an alternative.
In the end, he found an institute in Birmingham that believed it possible to solve his problem. However, the treatment was expensive and the state healt-care wouldn't pay for it. So, Mr. Randell had to get the money all by himself.

The treatment for the tongue cost 4000 pound and could be affored. Afterwards, his daughter learned to speak and even the drooling stopped. Peter Randell said that he had never been so happy in his life before. The tongue had been grown into the flesh of the mouth and could easily be cut off, a fact the state doctors didn't observe.

Even to the wheelchair problem, the doctors believed that a three year training course could help the girl to move freely. HOwever, the treatment would cost up to 85000 pound, 50000 for the legs and 35000 for the arms.
Randall got the 35000 pound for the arm-treatment and after a year he had a photo with her daughters arm on his shoulder. She had moved the arm herself.
He never wanted to tell how he got the money, but there is no 'impossible' to Mr. Randall.

Now, he is trying to get the money for the leg treatment, but it isn't easy to get 50000 pound. So, he tried to sell his kidney, because he has two and thought that her daughter was worth losing one, over e-bay. The company stopped the offer before any replies were counted.
Then the 'Sun' stumbled over the story and published it. They got contributions up to 20000 pound, but it wasn't enough and the sun linked those contributions to an end of his kidney-sale-attempt. However, the sum was not enough to buy the treatment, so he rejected.

Up to this point, he had received three offerings for his kidney on E-bay (USA), but they stopped the auction before he could contact the bidders.

After a quarter year, Randall is again where he started. So, if you have a kind heart contribute a little, it will surely help. Or if you know somebody who is in need of a kidney and willing to pay try to get the address from the 'Sun'.

I hope Mr. Peter Randall will succeed in his mission, because a life is at stake.

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