Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Quagmire of Palestine

I think Palestine is the prime example, what can happen in an Orwellian state. Although it has no formal government, the palestinian area is controlled by extremist movements (may it be PA or Fatah or Hamas or Islamic Jihad), who essentially behave like a totalitarian government.
Also, the Palestinian "country" is surrounded by enemies, may it be of their own religion or the state of Israel and they are kept in a too restricted area (out of fear on both sides of religion).

They are in a state of constant warfare against the Israeli, who are not an enemy and don't wage war, except some incursions and rocket strikes (which is similar to the constant bombardment of England in Orwell's novel). At the same time, the Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups are waging a continious war against the Jews and citing Israel as the fault for everything, while sacking in all the money from European bleeding-heart Good-doers (essentially supporting those governments).
Meanwhile, the Palestine population is indoctrinated by those terrorist, who see the youth as their pool for recruits (men and women alike). Palestine nowadays (after decades of this indoctrination) looks like the poster child of an Orwellian newspeak country.
It shows how well, language and religion can change the belief of the majority in a country and make them to willingful allies for a violent government.

It is not Israel that is the problem in the Middle East and it is certainly not the under-educated populace of the Palestinian area. It is the totalitarian regime of the terrorists groups and the supremacy of Islamic religion that keep the Palestinians in a camp of violence and injustice.
Another problem is the cold heart from fellow Muslims in that area, who have even less regard than the socialist state of Israel. Those states are ignoring the softer heart of Islam, which also has a part where Islamists shall be Samaritans to their neighbours. But where can we see such actions on part of Egypt, Lebanon or Syria or Jordan?

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