Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another Somalia Post

It is a dire prospect for the Somali future, when we see that only the Islamic Court Union is against foreign intervention. There are many reasons why neither Kenya nor Ethiopia should "pacify" Somalia. First, both countries have different opinions on how to run the country. Second, it will cause havoc, because many people don't see an invasion as justifiable.
And last but not least, they will most likely not leave so easily!

Really interesting, is the side note mentioned in this news piece from SomaliNet News:

"he first phase of mission will be assistance and supply and the second phase will be participating the disarmament operations."

That doesn't sound right and the prospect is even worse. The Somali not-elected interim government wants to disarm its people, so the chances are higher that they can easily force them into submission. I grant that there are many arms in Somalia, but disarmament is the last thing this country needs, because governments are at least as dangerous as any warlord regime, especially with an UNELECTED government.

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