Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bad News from Somalia

There are three new news items that show how the consequences of US and African foreign meddling have made life worse for everyone.
Here and here and here is a series of events that may well lead to a civil war. While the last item clearly is an indication that the Islamists are not the evil as which they are portrayed, but rather want to cooperate on communal level, the first two are an indication of the ruthlessness and self-thinking of the self-styled "interim government". Since the US kicked-off this series of events, leading the warlords into a clash with the ICU and thereby destroying the Clan-Lord supremacy, the political landscape has changed and the new players are steering a course to civil war. Again the US is backing a nationalist government in an area where their expertise is limited and full of shameful acts of ignorance (like the stupid attack on Aideed in the 90s).

I think we will see no quick solution here and ever step that provides for the interim government to take over the command, will bring about a new dictatorship in Africa, the continent that suffered most during the last decade.

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