Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The dreadful face of dictatorial Islamism

I have been following the situation in Somalia closely, out of private interest for the warlord-structure and because it was a country so long left alone by government.
Now, it seems that the US was bound to interfer, not only because they wanted ot establish a government, but because they feared the ICU as a threat to liberty.

At last, they seem to have been right about something. The ICU has started to diminsh the little wealth the Somali people have accumulated. They also restricted the few amusments that were left in a country, where weapons are as numerous as the people who have almost nothing.
The ICU banned watching the World Cup and other activities with foreign content. They went as far as raiding private homes.
It seems that after all not even Islamists without links to terrorists can behave like civilized persons and grant private rights and private property (not unlike to most European countries). They are certainly no friends of liberty.

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