Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Message of Horror Movies

I just saw Day of the Dead 2 - Contagium and I am going to look into Land of the Dead (the forth incarnation of George A. Romero's Dead-Series). I find them fascinating because of two things, first their outlook and reflection on society and their rampant nihilism.
These horror movies (at least the good ones) convey a message or portray, at least, when you believe liberal art critics. In truth, they have no such thing, except one.
They are the best statement contra-gun laws. They are the ultimate defense of the right to wield a gun, not only for state personel, but for every individual.

I think this is a laughing side-kick that was not intented by the liberal-leftist critic Romero, who designed the first cult-horror movies with the idea of social criticism. Supposedly, he criticed Mob-rule in The Night of the Living Dead, he criticized consumerism in Dawn of the Dead and finally, the military-state-complex in Day of the Dead.

However, if you look at those movies, you only get the first message in your face: You have a right to your gun. It is obvious and all over the movie, when you see undefended citizens being overrun by zombies. It is more remarkable, that in the land of the guns (as Mr. Fahrenheit 9/11 Moore would say), noone seems to have a gun. At least, this is what you get from the movie.
All the other criticism is sublime or not existent, except another critizism: Mob-rule and Mob-thinking. But even this is only in the second layer of the movie and not supported in all elements of the movies.

Let's see what the future brings, but to me horror movies are just a symbol liberal art expression and thus necessary study (and a bit of helloween feeling) of the OTHER SIDE.

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