Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina, New Orleans and the helpless State

I have abstained from blogging about Katrian or Global Warming or anything of the area, because many bloggers and news media are doing it adequately already.

I just want to add once more, how tragic and disasterous the hurricane has been and that my condolences are with those people. I hope it will be an eye-opener for many that problems at home are more important than problems abroad, sometimes. I don't want to moralize on the fact that the national guard was desperately needed at home, but they were sitting in Iraq being terrorized by the day. I don't want to point out that the strategy of the state-sponsored police and military was ineffective and the extend of the damage and death could have been lessened by various methods (they were known beforehand).

Instead, I want to extend my hopes that this catastrophe will be over soon and wish luck to all those who are searching for their missing relatives, friends or family-members.

For all those who want to help the rescue operations:

All those who long for more analysis:

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