Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When someone uses your weapons..

no it is not about actual warfare, although it is termed warfare by the ecological left. This comment of Bradley, one of the Hockey Stick guys around Mann, had to make a comment that unveiled him to be from the ecological left, rather than a scientist:

What he didn’t bargain for when he and his colleagues published those papers,
but what he realizes in retrospect he should have anticipated, was the fury with
which those having a vested interest in what he calls “the carbon
economy” would attack not only his work but also him personally
. The
hockey stick “became the focal point of the venom and diatribe of the
so-called climate skeptics
,” said Bradley. “You publish a paper and you
expect people to challenge it and ask questions, but you don’t
expect to be personally attacked for what you are doing, your motives questioned
and your competence questioned. That’s not the normal way of science.”

Exactly, that's not the normal way of science, but it is what leftist have been doing for decades and nobody complained. They put forth claims that scientists worked for oil companies, the carbon economy or what else, when their research didn't fit in their fundamentalist view.
I am sorry, but this is the truth and it is not going away, just because the tide has turned and some right-wing agitators are taking up the same weapons.
However, all in all, the climate sceptics (as he calls us) are rather challenging and puting forth questions. However, those questions are not the ones he would like to answer. Those are questions that qualify as scientific challenge, rather than talkshow host's appeasment. They are hard and sometimes deep into the scientific material, but instead of answering them, he is whining around.
Bradley feels threatened by climate sceptics, but perhaps it is only an evasive tactic so he hasn't to answer the questions...

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