Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gay Marriage and Immigration

Ok, I am in for a change of pace, especially, since I don’t wanna deal with climate change for a moment. It is just too depressing to see everyone run into a politicized spending spree trap, which will result in a lot of billions of dollars lost and not much gained.

Gay Marriage, however, is a topic I have no stake in. I couldn’t care less if a Gay person gets married or not. I am neither a Christian, nor in a Gay Rights advocacy group (whatever that is, aren’t rights fundamentally the same for all HUMANS?). I don’t think that marriage (gay or straight) is a turn-off or –on for adoption and I don’t see why gays couldn’t or shouldn’t adopt a baby/child.

However, I have two different strategies competing on this issue. The first is purely libertarian and says in the long-run all marriage should be devoid of state influence and thus gay marriage should not be “legalized” by the state but allowed on an individual level, as should Christian marriage between male and female.

In the short-run, I am a lot more realistic and pragmatic. Since it is almost impossible to separate Christian marriage from the Holy German Empire of nowadays, we should as well give the same rights to Gays.

And I think that people who believe that Gays shouldn’t get the same rights as normal people, because they are not able to populate the Earth as the Fuhrer… aehh.. as the social concept of community dictates, are just as evil as those old-timers that still believe that there was something good about Nazi Germany.

It’s the equivalent (though not as harsh) to restricting immigration on the basis of race or wealth or education. I am against it. However, this doesn’t mean that people immigrating here have a right to welfare services! So, one can reconcile those two apparently contradictory ideas by saying that one doesn’t necessarily be followed by the second. You can have immigration (unlimited) while having a welfare state, but you have to consider separating immigrants who don’t work from the goodies.

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