Friday, March 11, 2005

Nothing new in Bush country

I just found this little quote of US-war supporter Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy:

A staunch ally of US-led war in Iraq, Mr Berlusconi sounded a conciliatory note
saying he was certain Washington had "no intention of evading the truth"

No intention of evading the truth? Huh, pardon me, that's what the Bush administration has been doing since its inauguration four years ago. It is the very thing this government is the best of the best in.

This argument was brought forth by Berlusconi in regard to the "accident" in Iraq, which involved an Italian Secret Service Bodyguard, a former Hostage and a US Patrol. The account of the events varies from the US to Italy in a way that is unacceptable for the Prime Minister. Without reason, so Berlusconi, the US Patrol opened fire on the vehicle, although the driver stop when the flashlight lighted up.

Let's see, whether the Bush administration will finally find the Truth, or continues to evade it.


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