Friday, March 11, 2005

Bush and Anti-Bush

Well, so this is what the Pro-Bushians want him to do?,1518,345948,00.html (German)

The USA offers Iran to join the WTO (World Trade Organisation) in return for the End of the Nuclear project. The US even offered to give the Iran access to aircraft utilities.
If this is what most supporters of Mr. Bush want, then I am grateful not to be with them.
I have heard the argument that Mr. Bush is a steady pole in a time of Appeasers and now look at this. I think the argument got refuted by his companions with this very offer.
So, what are the new arguments for the Imperial foreign policy?

I also want to comment on this here:,1518,345883,00.html

I think this is the best answer my friends in the private economy could have given to these leftist snobs. They canceled all the contracts between the leftists and themselves. The consequence is that those anti-imperialists and socialists have to look for a new place to set up their "Anti-Bush" propaganda network.
I am deeply critical of many things Mr. Bush does (especially in foreign policy), but I didn't become a socialist. I reject most of their argumentations against the Iraq War and thus I am glad they didn't got a playing-field for their conference.
This is especially good, because there is a difference between their stance towards the Iraq War and the USA and mine.

I am still Minarchist and an advocate of free-market society, while those are mostly socialists or Islamists. Therefore, I am against the way the US conducted the war and the reasons they had for it. Especially, the way they lied to the people. I am a defender of truth and consistency and lying undermines both in a way I deeply detest.
I am against the reasons for the Iraq War, although I advocated and still defend, the Afghanistan War. We know that the Iraq neither had links to Al-kaida, nor WMDs. These were the capital reasons brought up in favor of the war and they were wrong. Finally, Bush picked up the liberty torch as a reason and tried to sell this to the people and he succeeded, but not with me.
I may hate the way it came to this war and I still believe that the US should go out as soon as possible, but I don't want to support or be aligned to anyone talking about putting up a resistance in Iraq. This is the very nonsense and B.S. I hate. I hope I have been understood this time...



Wolfgang said...

Hallo, ich sehe bei häufig einen "Max" diskutieren. Bist du dies?

Wolfgang said...

Zu Saddam Hussein möchte ich folgende Website empfehlen:
Bitte mach auf Deutsch weiter!

Max said...

Jap, genau das bin ich ;) Bin nicht umbedingt ein Objectivist, aber finde éinige ihrer Ideen gut. Außerdem sind es noch die einzigen von diesen Rand-Fanatikern, mit denen man diskutieren kann :)