Monday, March 21, 2005

Disturbingly religious

You can see here, how religious fanatics are increasingly subverting science in the country that was a major supporter of science.

I don't understand why there isn't more resistance against those decision pro-religion (or as the fanatics call it, pro-choice). The article is about the decision of Imax cinemas (one of the major chains that show science documentaries) to exclude movies that make reference to the science of biology, which is discredited by evangelics for being untrue and only a thesis. Of course, those fanatics disregard a century full of scientific provable evidence in exchange for a mere believe in some great god.
I think there should be a more vehement debate about this topic, but it seems that the US already lost this war. I am thankful to live in Europe, where such stupidity couldn't happen, although only because we have had the "witch-hunts" and other catholic crimes.
This irrational delusion that had been spread in the US like an epidemic could only happen, because the Republican had the power to surpress all opposition.

Don't try to get me with the argument that this is so some sort of conspiracy theories, because what is different with this theory is that it has examples in reality that are provable.
And I can give you reference to many subversive attempts to spread the believe of god in exchange for scientific education.
I don't have a problem with the "creation" idea in religious classes. There they can tell what they want, because it is the class for the realm of the supernatural.
However, such none-sense should have no part in actual biology courses, because it has no scientific foundation. You have to prove it through in order to be scientific. It is not enough to show up some minor problems with the theory of evolution, which btw are almost solved nowadays.

I could go on about the subversive media managment and manipulation that has led to an intolerant and discriminating America, but it would certainly blow the limits of this essay.

So, my last words: Amen, God-bless America and thanks that I live in Europe...


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