Friday, March 11, 2005

Guantanamo Bay is becoming empty

It might arouse relief by some and scepticism by others, but it is clearly not what you hoped it would be. The USA has deported "Terrorist-suspects" to its prison camp on Cuba, located near Guantanamo Bay for the last two years. The camp grew until it held around 600 suspects, who never got a law-suit or a call to their lawyer until recently. Those are not terrorists from abroad, but rather US citizens who had made the mistake to know or to be suspected to know Al-Quaeda Terrorists.
Now, the US government seemed to have become aware that this cruel prison, whose only use is to be able to torture without having to answer to US courts, is no longer a secret.
Mr. Bush thinks that reallocating half of the prisoners to countries like Saudi-Arabia, Afghanistan and Jemen, will get them out of the aim of the news media.

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