Friday, March 18, 2005

Yeah, the old bad companies-card again...

The Spiegel has again published an interview with one of the "New Left"-media gurus. This time it is Cameron Diaz, who analyses the problems of our culture and where they come from.

German article:,1518,346963,00.html

Miss Diaz starts her triad against business and the "force" to outer beauty by seeing something obvious, yet intruigingly perceptive: America has lost its foundation, the reasons that made it so special. The US has lost the principle, that everyone may be as he is, as long as he doesn't infringe on the same right of others.
This sense of individuality, she claims has been lost and I agree with her. It is more about conformism in the US than ever before and the patriot-card plays an important role in it.

However, Miss Diaz sees the problem in a different enemy: Big Business (because Big Business is forcing you to buy what it offers, he?)
She says here:

Das Amerika der Großkonzerne hat uns unserer Individualität beraubt
(The United States of Big Business have stolen our individuality).

She then proceeds in her arguments without proving it, not to mention that she herself is part of this business and enjoys every step with those businessmen (why else would she continue on that path?!).
Instead of identifying the very problem, she uses old stereotypes like Big Business. Diaz could have named government and being too patriotic in the wrong sense, too, but she hasn't. And of course, Miss Diaz wouldn't do such a thing, because Democrats stand for Big Government. However, maybe it is unfair against Miss Diaz, but if you start naming a problem, you have to explain why and she doesn't do that, so it is only fair if I critize her for it.


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