Monday, September 20, 2010

Hypocrisy on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

Indeed, there is hypocrisy in Germany as well as in the US, but here I will detail two examples, which I find most interesting.

The first is the business-as-usual approach of European petty prejudice against Americans: They are gun-nuts and they are uncivilized because a lot of people die because of firearms.

This is the most stupid and unfounded “argument” that is however most often used. It is typical for a people like the Europeans who have grown accustomed to being subservient of their states. In this sense of the potential they are less free than a century ago.

Most arguments run along the line of gun violence statistics and yet, I wonder, did they really read all the statistics? There is a difference between states (in the US) which have gun control and those which have less gun control. In the latter actual murder rates are down and they perform better than the former.

On top of that the US might have a better argument when they say that in the US less people die of wide-spread firearm utilization than of speeding accidents on Germanies Autobahn.

And here comes the hypocrisy of the Americans who have no problem to risk the potential death due to firearms, but have speed limits that are mostly ridiculous. They let children play with AK47s, but they give you a ticket if you drive faster than 90 mph or even do behave in a way the Cop doesn’t like. For a nation that calls out Europeans as wimpy, this is the most wimpiest move I have seen (and don’t get me started about their stupid approach towards sex and pornography).

So, I think both sides could learn a bit from each other. The thing is that I believe the Americans could more easily adopt a German highway system than Europeans could understand and accept the true nature of guns.

But then Europeans were conditioned by centuries of rampant authoritarianism (me like always being the exception that proves the ruel) and all the people that opposed it moved to the US. If it were not so, then they wouldn’t outright oppose gun rights, because ultimately the only thing that stands between you and totalitarianism is a gun and like-minded people.

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