Thursday, December 15, 2005

V for Vendetta wird kommen!

Noch ist der Film für deutsche Kinogänger in weiter Ferne, aber dennoch darf man sich schon einmal über das positive Feedback nach den ersten Pre-Screens freuen.

Dabei gibt es auch wirklich ansprechende Kommentare:

This will be the most talked about film in 2006. Or, it will disappear in three weeks after release and be dismissed as a cult film for academics to dissect in the future. I believe that the media’s response to the messages in the film will decide its fate. Even how Warner Brothers decides to market the film will determine the legacy. If they follow a superhero/comic book marketing model and you see V on a lunch box, then I believe that the film’s impact will be hampered. But if they let the theater goers decide, then this film might prove to be an artistic endeavor that becomes a symbol for a revolution. Either way, every college campus needs to screen this film for our future leaders of the world. Fox News better get their responses ready, because this film is going to be a favorite topic of theirs for a long time. - Doc Falken

Na dann hoffen wir doch mal für die Staatsgegner unter uns! Totalitarismus suxx!

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