Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wars of the Future?

Greens always tell us that War is being fought over oil and that if we become energy independent of oil, we will not be fighting wars in places like Iraq or Parkistan.

Is this right? I mean, we didn’t know that Afghanistan had Lithium until the US disclosed it. Now, LIthium might be the new reason to fight wars, IF we try to get independent of oil.

For example, LIthium is used in Li-Ion batteries that power everything from cell phones to laptops to electric cars. So, if we are intend to demolish our link to oil and gas energy generation, won’t this mean that we will fight for LIthium in the future?

Doesn’t this imply that the Greens just brough upon us the next wave of colonial imperialism through waging wars for natural resources?

Or are wars fought out of entirely DIFFERENT reasons?

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