Thursday, July 01, 2010

My Comment of the Day: On Libertarians

Here I posted it and now there is the whole comment:


It is? Last time I looked most countries in the world (democratic or otherwise) have harsh gun-rules and regulations. There are exceptions (Canada, Switzerland), but the general rule is "a population without guns is a safe population" (or a victim in the case of many dictatorships).

The US is the golden exception and yet, besides the "danger of guns in any neighbourhood", I have never been bothered while visiting the US, on the other hand I have been mugged in London.

In my world view, violent psychopaths will always find a way to kill with or without guns (may these psychopaths be petty criminals, soldiers or police men) and there is no way to stop it, except being vigilant and to do everything that the same person can't repeat it...

But that's just my cup of tea and probably you will have an educated and special opinion that you believe is superior and thus should be forced on me.

I think there is a 25th Libertarian missing: The Tolerance-Nut - He tolerates other peoples live and let's them drive a car without a safety bell into an uncertified methane tank...

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