Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hollywood Movies and Good Movies

I always hear people complain about Hollywood movies and why they are so shamelessly stupid. They complain that the executives destroy the movies and make them stupider to gross more money. And they think that good movies have no chance in hollywood, because executives don’t want those movies.

It is true, executives don’t want movies that won’t be a big success, except for a few times a year. It is the big stupid movie (like transformers 2) that scores the money necessary to finance small intelligent movies like Primer.

Every person from artist to executive would like to get intelligent, witty and not-average movies to nation-wide releases. And why that happens a few times (though not that often) and then an indie or genre movie excells by not using pre-made formulas, this not how the business works.

Hollywood movie studios are expection handlers, they make their money knowing what people want to see. It’s not the studios that are the problem, but the viewer. If the population of the US would be made up with viewers like me, we would get a lot more different movies and not one Transformers or Avatar or even one romantic comedy. So, you can b*tch all you want about hollywood movie studios, they only make movies that average Joe-One-Pack wants to see. So, pluuuues stop bashing capitalism and hollywood movie studios and start lecturing the people truly responsible for this state of affair:

Your fellow people!

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