Friday, August 11, 2006

Weired Government Science

Usually, I am sucker for nerdy or geeky theories, especially when it comes to reality and how it came about or works. However, you can obviously be a nerdy geek without any reference to empirism and get a job by proclaiming weired and unprovable theories. It is called cosmological science.

Perhaps this is the prime example of the uselessness of government "basic research" science, for those scientific engagements have yielded a less than zero sum of profit for humanity, except perhaps to entertain certain geeks. Sadly, all have to pay for the entertainment of some geeky natures out there...
As long as Calabi-Yau space is only a paper-tiger and not provable, this research remains purely fantastic and a waste of money. But hey, we have a Professor of "Curse words", so why shouldn't we have one for crazy theories :)

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