Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Israel's Future

is something most commentors on the anti-war-side (take this from Lewrockwell.com f.e.) don't value highly. The defeat of the poor IDF commando on the Northern front, the one between Israel and Lebanon, will have dire consequences on the peace prospect in the Middle East.

It will have a multitude of outcomes:

1. The Palestinians and Hezbuallah advocats now have an event of pride against Israel's restrained military and will further their agenda of destroying the state of Israel, something most commentators leave out!

2. The Israelis will most likely not give up any more land, but fortify themselves in what they have. The consequences will be dire for the Palestinians who are living mostly of the wealth of the Israeli, because their own people don't work on establishing an economy, but either whine around that someone should help them, or are set on destroying Israel.

3. The Israeli have learned that giving either Palestinians or other nations land claims back will result in further terrorist attacks on their country.

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