Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The leftist problem...

... is their power-lust. They think themselves to be capable of solving all problems by arranging the world as they see fit. I have been looking around the internet the other day and stumbled upon several "profiles", which clearly shows this assumption.

This one I found very instructive of their a bit mad minds:

I spend a lot of time thinking about:
mankind. And how to change and improve the world. Especially the way, mankind abuses it. I hate all kinds of torture especially to animals. But I feel helpless and that's the problem. First, the people's minds must be changed before there will change anything. The problem is, that there are many individuals, but no community. No backing, everyone stands alone. And that's the reason, why they can do what they want. They want attention and it's a cry for help and support, but nobody gives support, they are too engaged with themselves.

This is a crude form of "collectivism saves all", environmentalism and coercive action. It's incredible how fast historical knowledge is destroyed in young people's minds. They have just had the fall of the Soviet Union and the circumstances of its rise and just 3 years later, they have forgotten everything.
They have seen the French Revolution and the Regime Terreur as its climax, but they still think that a collective is a good way to meddle with people. It even goes further, if you consider the sentence "The problem is, that there are many individuals, but no community. No backing, everyone stands alone."
Where the hell does she live in Germany? I see so many "community workers" running around that I am astounished that we haven't got the biggest community of all times already. Well, this only proves that the notion that humans are better off when they "live as a community" is utterly wrong.
Humans like to meet people (they choose which people they want to meet, no coercion), but they also want their privacy. People need their privacy.
Then there is this absolute killer sentence: "We have to change people's minds, before the world is changing!"
It is said innocently, but it can be (in context with the rest of the post) seen as a definitive attempt to force this change about them.

The last peace is just cruel anti-humanism. "I hate all kinds of torture especially to animals." - So, torturing humans is not so bad as torturing animals. This is the clearest sentiment I have ever heared of an environmentalist about their prime directive. A human has less worth than an animal.

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