Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bush's End of Presidency will cast an economic downfall?

Well, at least in one area this could happen:

Anti-Bush-Merchandising, as also reported by the ONN.

Yes, because I wager in case of an Obama win, there will be a design change and given that Republicans are not that big on those things (domestic peacefulness), there won't be a quick substitute. So, what is there in for those people?

Well, there only chance is a McCain presidency that would well substitute the Bush merchandize with McCain heads. Still it will be hard for McCain to surpass the low approval ratings of his predecessor, despite his argument for 100 years ofWarfare. Still, he might be nuts enough to do exactly that and thus increase the growth in this industry (at least).
So, all the retailers in this business and of course, small companies related to it, are hoping for the best: a McCain presidency...

Meanwhile, economists believe that Obama is better on economic issues than McCain (though there are more democratic than republican Economists).

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