Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Consequences of Eco-Management

Well, the BP top manager leaves and suddenly the consequences of the "eco-friendliness" of BP come up. Due to their stance with the environmentalist and the search for viable alternate energy sources, BP has lost pace in their main product: Oil.

The consequences are environmental disasters that could have been evaded, if BP had done what its shareholders have paid for: Delivering quality products for low prices.
However, they did not, instead they started with sustainable development, distracting from more important tasks as providing updates on their oil pipelines and repairing damages on those.

Now, another leak has opened (this time in California) and all the money that had been spent to become "eco-friendly" is lost due to a mistake that will cause uproar in the leftists environmental niche. It seems that you can't repair oil pipelines with eco-friendly clothes, but rather with not so environmental-friendly steel plates.

I don't think executive managers or green enviromental groups really understand the complexity of the balance in the ecology. If they did, they would not forbid one thing that causes another ecological disaster. It is all the undoing of simplifying the idea of environmentalism by the new friends of gaia-religion.

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