Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sympathy for Terrorists?

I always thought the liberals didn't understand terrorism or were easy to think of it as a good way to "change government policy". There are many example of leftists hang on violent means to get their policies on the table as there are times the US Republicans have tried to change the world by invading a country (RAF, ELF are just two examples). It seems that leftists are as addicted to violent means as conservatives are, although slightly different.

While the conservatives try to use government power in violent ways and liberals use government power in more non-violent ways. The conservatives use non-violent ways to come to power, while the liberals often use violence to get the power.
Otherwise the hatred of the conservatives towards terrorists couldn't be properly put in place with their ideology and the loving of the liberals for the Terrorists couldn't be explained properly, too.

The NY Times gave another brave example of the ignorance of many liberal democrats with their poll for the best foreign movie running for the Oscar:

"Paradise Now" (Palestine):

It really go 34%, which is not bad for a movie that portrays the Israeli as heartless killers and the Palestine as victims of their situation which is a crass overstatement.
There has been a time when the palestine claim to sovereignity and the use of guerilla tactics were genuine and necessary. It was before the first intifada, when the Palestinians were under the harsh rule of the socialist Israelis, who tried to gain a secure spot in the Middle East (surrounded by Arab states).
Then they started the first intifada to get a room to breath and live. It was a necessity for the Palestinians and then, the beginning of the peace talk and an acknowledgement of the severe situation of the palestine followed.

However, the situation changed when the Israeli were willing to cooperate and to talk about a sovereign Palestinian state in the Gaza strip, but despite this obvious change in tactics, the Palestine insurgents continued. This was the time that changed the Palestinian freedom fighters into terrorists. When the PLO started to become a regular party without a terrorist arm and the HAMAS and Islamic Djihad continued to bomb innocent Israelis, the Palestinian movement had lost its credibility. They had stopped fighting for their right to live their lifes on their own and started to become the dreadful terrorists they are today.
When it is not about being independent and a nation of your own, but instead about destroying a neighbouring civilisation, there is no way to justify it morally or on natural rights.

However, the picture painted by the media (which acts in libdems way this time) hasn't changed since then. The Palestinians are still the good guys and the Israeli security are the bad guys.
It doesn't matter to those liberals who defend the acts of terrorism conducted by the Palestinians in the Middle East, that the innocent Israeli victims are on the defending side and the dead Palestine "kids" and mothers are often on the side of the brutal insurgents.

This might explain why a movie like "Paradise Now" gets so much votes in a liberal newspaper in the US. It must be innocent ignorance at best and wilful hatred for the Israeli at worst.

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