Sunday, May 29, 2005

PETA and Killing Dogs

It is no myth that PETA is a radical and insensitive animal rights (which in itself is a philosophical problem) movement that often tends to shoot over the target.
If the following is right, then I must advise that it is also the most hypocritical movement I have seen.

There is a growing number of websites who complain about PETA and their activities, because the organization didn't do what it said it'd do.
PETA wants people to send found dogs and cats to their central, where they will get a new home. However, several people claim that this didn't happen. In fact, PETA reported only around 1-3 dogs have been reassigned to a new home. However, there were a lot more dogs and cats sent to the Headquarter. Where have they gone?

PETA, the organization for the ethical treatment of animals(!!!! what an irony), first denied that those puppies and kitties were killed and said it had sent them to local pet shops. Those pet shops however said that they were willing to take some of the animals, if PETA had contacted them.
So, what else might have happened to those lost animals?

They have been killed by PETA, at least the CCR believes this. I am not sure, but the whole evidence points in this direction, but go and check it out. See for yourself and judge whether PETA is as cruel as those people say.

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