Saturday, May 14, 2005

Global Warming seizes the USA

While Bush is still ignorant to Global Warming (RIGHTLY SO!!!), 130 something cities have adopted the Kyoto Protocol on their own, thus delivering their cities and the economy to the evil of Fearmongers.
The full report in the New York Times.

I don't like Bush and most of his policies, because they are either socialistic or downright lies and unjustified accusation. However, I always respected his move not to succumb to junk science and its greenish/socialist supporters. And I think even his negative stance towards the UN is a good thing.
However, the bill for this move by several mayors will lead to controversy not only in the relationship between federal and local government, but also to a negotiation between Kyoto-cities and other cities.
It will cause a deeper rift inside the US federal and local governments that could worsen the situation further.

Despite the political implications, it already has drawbacks for many citizens. For example, LA had to urge boat owners to resupply their ships with motors off and the power plants will have to increase their prices. It will lead to a feedback that hurts the small people the most. And all this is accepted for some hypothetic achievement of a hundreth of a degree in ten years. It is obvious insanity to subscribe to such a bad treaty and it shows the decline of the US from a liberal society of individual rights to a society no better than the European Socialism.

Farewell, Good Ol' US.

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