Saturday, May 21, 2005

Greenpeace and Poverty

Greenpeace does not only claim to act in protection of the environment, but often in the protection of poor people. Actually, they are doing the complete opposite, they destroy people's workplace.

Today they stopped the production of Land Rovers in the UK for one day, thus giving the company a loss. You know why those car companies try to get their factories to China, Africa and other Asian countries, because of wackos like these. They don't help anybody by chaining themselves to an assembly line thus hurting the workplaces of the already "poorer" workers in the UK.
But, of course, this is acceptable for the greater good, because those student hippies don't have such monetary problems. They are well fed and closed in contrast to the workers.
It is always easy to complain about "environemntally unsustainable methods", while you sit at a table full of fine Champagne and a long menu ahead and your own car waiting for you in the garage.

I didn't have the "luck" to live and sleep in any of the poor and dirty cities/villages of the poor African or Asian towns, but I call myself lucky and I work not to have to do it. I know that science has got us so much and we have to take advantage of it, because otherwise nature takes on us. I don't like the conditions down in Africa, but I am also not running around saying that they live so much better, because they have a life in harmony with nature.
And I am not someone who sleeps in youth hostels in the East and comes back to Europe and proclaims he has experienced the every day life of the truly enlightened nature-loving people.

So, I might not entirely know how it is to be poor and living in a hell hole (or what modern Leftists call a hell-hole), but I know that I don't want to experience it, because I have no romantic visions about it.

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