Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Male fear of Dominant women?

I always wondered where the popular thinking (myth?) stemmed from, that men like women in lower positions. For example, they prefer a stewardess over a lawyer or a manager. The usual response doesn't satisfy me, that it is just about domination and fear over of a dominate woman. With education as it is today, the fear of dominant women is lower than ever and most males have been conditioned to be pussy's (reading they aren't dominant any more) anyway. So, where else stemms this thought.

And I think I have my own answer: kids.
Just imagine you have a child and the discussion with your wife comes to who will educate and care for the child and who will work. Well, usually or rather traditionally, the man would go to work and the woman would do the house work (not because woman are not good at work, I will explain later). However, today it is more pragmatism, because the person with the higher income will stay at home. Now, the time when women got less income than men is long gone and the chance that you get a wife with higher income than you is almost 50%.
So, there now comes my explanation for why we prefer women with less income. Men are unsuited (most times, except perhaps Lileks) for 24-7 childcare, we don't have the endurance to do this. So, this is inherent in our gene code and as soon as we see a women with higher income, we flinch, because we suspect in the event of child-making, we would have to stay home.
Yes, men are good at doing field trips on the weekend, but mostly we sucked at daily routine. This hasn't been erradicated by conditioning due to lack of trying.
So, our own genetic legacy tells us that a women with a lower job is the better catch, because it will give us an advantage and eliminate an inherent weakness.

So, much for male idiocy for today, don't take it too seriously you feminists out there and I will be breeding in the sun today.. so it'll all be fine :)

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