Monday, March 13, 2006

A Strange Final to a wonderful Season 2

I have now seen the final to the Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica and I must say I am impressed and I am depressed all at once. I think Ron did too much at once in this episode, but I am open to persuasion on this.

*********** Spoilers *************

However, I will not give many spoilers here, because some might want to see it in the future. I did a mistake after watching the episode. I went to the Board at and read the awesomely uninformed commentary. They either have never thought about the beginnings of mankind and especially the hard-ship to built civilization from nought (or at least a few things), because they are so shaken of the sorry state of the colony on "New Caprica".

I just want to take this exemplary comment, which shows obviously the ignorance of many mainstreamers to the situation in our own world. This is when Scifi is not completely understood, but rather only seen in a narrow view.

Okay and there is the MAJOR flaw of this story as the FUNDAMENTAL structure of this epsiode competes and in fact flies DIRECTLY in the VERY face of the series as it has been establsihed.

The humans are NUKED by the cylons NOT ONCE


and yet they are still willing to habit a planet that they know eventually they being are going to come to. And despite the soothing words of some cylons "who are willing to deal with humanity after realizing their mistake" do the humans who settle here REALLY accept the fact that MOST of the cylons have continually and deliberately tried to murder them on a WHOLESCALE level?




This just flies in the face of simple common sense.

AND the structure of the series' story up to this point.

This is not true, if you look at how stupid people are in the real world. We know that wars are stupid and often unnecessary, but we still do it over and over and over again. We know that states make war and kill people, but we do it over and over again and still think it is a natural and good idea.
We all know what democracy has done in soviet russia, but still we believe that democracy is the solution to everything and will finally be the "BEST OPTION".

So, I must disagree, even though he things that those people defy common-sense, reality proves that there is no common sense in a collective action and human social decisions. Often, there is a myriad of opinions ranging from rational to pure emotion and the gist is a compromise that is far from common sense.

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