Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rapid Climate Change Fascists?

I have long pondered to coin the new religious socialists of ecology. I don't even want to debate the science behind their assumptions, because this has done to death and shouldn't really be the outcome of it.

Even if the science is true and there is a global climate change (and we are still far from rapid), this doesn't follow that we need politicians to enforce a stop to this change (or rather a try to stop it by getting more money and liberties from us). In fact, I don't care, because I'd rather see all world burn down than living in a fascists Ecological-correct society.
What use is a green earth, when I have to live in a society in which I am regulated at the same level as in 1984 by famous "socialist" Orwell.

There is much doubt about models and to fix errors in satellite measuring to please models ( I am not sure on the science because I still had to read it) is not the best way. Also, I experience one of the coldest winters of the last decade right now and they want to sell me that all Earth is warming in the mean?
They are often even confused and complain that local effects are also part of the global warming schemes and a result of it as are global mean effects. Well, right said, so I have a local cooling (local being USA, Europe, Russia) which is out of the limit of simple explanation.
Then they tell me not to believe the Global Cooling agenda of the 70/80s, because it was only the science media and not the scientists reporting. Well, if this is the case, I won't buy it this time either!

This aside ( I really didn't want to touch the science), I am still thinking of climate change of totally overrated and politicized. I would even consider dealing with it, when it wouldn't mean throwing away all my principles just to save a few centi-degree.
We will see in twenty years whether those alarmists were right or not (if we still have a free society then...). I think we are not, because those alarming thinks have krept up from under the stones and always be certified by science for almost 30 years now and there is still no dramatic effect to it. Where are the mass draughts, where is the oil shortness and where is the bloody nuclear blast? They haven't come, the ultimati have come and gone by and nothing happened. The same will happen with Global Warming (as Futurama put it: The Nuclear Winter and GLobal Warming cancelled each other out!), but in the end, the big socialist regimes will have succeeded in gaining more and more power. I hope those fascists ecology fanatics will be the first to feel it...

P.S.: And I will still get scientific:

If this is stark evidence, I think we are all doomed. It is almost no evidence, because the rate of growth of warming might be in the margin of error of the instruments all considered. I didn't find a error calculation (Gaussian or whatever else they have, even if it is included they should say so...).

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