Sunday, July 03, 2005

Royal Society backs man-made warming again

... and leaves aside the impacts on human economy and standard of living. It is always the same and even worse with the Royal Society, because the latter claims to be a scientific institute that promotes technologies to advance their political course.
However, they only want us to reduce CO2-emissions, while not stating how that is possible except by destroying our economy. There is no such thing as a soft change in the economic system and that's not what they promote.

Instead the RS wants us "to take decisive steps, now, to tackle the problem of global warming and climate change". However, again, there is no other indication than "CO2-emission-limits" and then we see the Kyoto-Protocol and the results in Europe.
All European Union member state that ratified Kyoto won't meet the standards set, even France and Germany have a deficit of 8 per cent of the acklaimed goal.
So, if even restrictions don't work, how then should we change our economy to limit CO2-emission?
Exactly, by producing better technologies, but this is something that the Royal Society doesn't advocate, or have you ever heard of product, except of limiting CO2-emissions?

Don't take me for granted, just go and look for yourself:

Ah, yes, and the Russian Science Academy revoked their backing of the Royal Societies statement on Global Warming... very interesting, eh :)

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